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Google Acquisition Strategy: Go Nuts, Use Code

By - April 12, 2007

Bloomberg: Google’s Acquisitions Chief Looking for `Really Crazy’ Ideas.

“We look at everything very carefully,” Salman Ullah, Google’s director of corporate development, said yesterday in a speech at a meeting of the Los Angeles Venture Association. “The really crazy ones do really well.”

Google, owner of the most-popular Internet search engine, has about 15 people working on acquisitions that meet with dozens of companies a week, Ullah said. Mountain View, California-based Google responds to every e-mail pitching a company, while phone calls have a 10 percent response rate, he said. …

…In the past Google has also used a technique called Monte Carlo analysis to size up a deal, where computer algorithms are used to answer questions.

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2 thoughts on “Google Acquisition Strategy: Go Nuts, Use Code

  1. Jesse says:

    Google also has the advantage of a lot of data for determining their acquisitions. See Google’s Acquisition Strategy:

  2. nmw says:

    do you think that was why they got for a song?

    (note that while some songs are short and sweet, others drag on and on and…)

    ;D nmw