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Goodbye Froogle: It's Time to Grow Up

By - April 18, 2007


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At some point tonight, Google is dropping the Froogle name, and getting realistic about the category: The new moniker for the service is – wait for it – Google Product Search. More to come once they post on it

This is Google getting real about Froogle, a product, and a category, that never quite hit it with consumers. Why? Well, it might have something to do with the way we interact with search. We’re still learning about how we interact with this beast. Froogle never made it as a destination, but then again, neither did any other product search categories, really. Sure, some of us use them religiously. But search, broadly, is where we all start, and product search is simply a place we drill down into. Why brand something which is, in the end, simply a feature of the larger engine? Hence…Google Product Search.

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One thought on “Goodbye Froogle: It's Time to Grow Up

  1. Feinkost says:

    It´s a matter of branding strategy, there are advantages for both Froogle and Google Product Search. But I´d follow your choice and say it´s only a feature, so use the existing brand.