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Followup: Conversation with Eric

By - April 17, 2007

Eric and I had a lively conversation earlier today onstage, many of the questions I asked came from your input, thanks a million. He announced onstage that Google has completed its apps suite with the addition of a presentation component, he told me earlier that they did not have a name for it because, in the end, it was a feature of a service, not a product like PowerPoint.

There’s a lot of blog coverage, summarized here and here. More to come…

More: AP Story here.

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6 thoughts on “Followup: Conversation with Eric

  1. mb says:

    Was your interview with Eric recorded? Would be great to watch it on YouTube or Google Video.

  2. nmw says:

    John asked: What’s changed in three years — both in Google’s business and in DoubleClick’s business — that makes this make sense (for Google)?

    Eric answered: Let me suggest that there are 4 sort of major thrusts around Google….

    Eric then described how “search services” is no more than just one element of these 4 thrusts, namely (thrust #1). The 4 thrusts he mentioned were:

    1. building supercomputers / technology

    2. end user issues (how will users use information)

    3. advertising

    4. the culture that has built up around Google

    Wow, that’s new! Don’t know if it’s improved, but it’s certainly new. Maybe someone should remind them to go and revise their obviously outdated “10 points”?

  3. nmw says:

    mb, there’s a video “clip” here (including what I mentioned) above):

    (I guess completed videos will follow later) — like with the web2con game….

    ;D nmw

  4. epictum says:

    “Schmidt said the first thing he does is check his e-mail — even in bed.” I think someone needs to buy Eric a Blackberry so that he’s ALWAYS up-to-date, haha =)

  5. Jeff Molander says:

    With the addition of Performics (a unit being all but completely ignored by analysts so applause to all asking questions about it), GOOG would begin to resemble aQuantive with a twist — GOOG could carefully balance self-service ad management tools (aimed at advertisers direct AND agencies) with high end marketing services (via its Performics unit which looks a lot like AQNT’s AvenueA).

    Why isn’t this an option?

    My only answer: Google wants DIRECT relationships with advertisers. Performics as the bastard child? Really?

  6. mahlon says:

    Looks like a video of John’s talk with Eric is online now: