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Ask and the Contextual Ad Network

By - April 26, 2007

SEW reports on Ask’s long awaited contextual ad network:

Advertisers buying search ads in’s Ask Sponsored Listings (ASL) program will soon have the option of buying contextually-targeted ads on IAC-owned sites and third-party publishers.

The program will launch at the end of May on several IAC-owned properties, such as, Ticketmaster, Evite and Citysearch. Ads will also appear on a few trusted publisher sites, most likely starting with some of the 90 publishers that syndicate search results and search ads. Mid-sized publishers are able to sign up for the program now, and a self-service platform for smaller publishers is expected later this year. is trying to differentiate its offering from AdSense by offering more control and transparency to both advertisers and publishers.

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4 thoughts on “Ask and the Contextual Ad Network

  1. soxiam says:

    It should be interesting to watch whether IAC will pull TripAdvisor (one of its best performing AdSense money-maker) off google and put their house brand contextual ads on it. That should shed some light on how confident they feel about their own ad network’s inventory and relevancy.

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  3. Ashwan says:

    You’ve linked to the WebEx page and not the SEW page. I can’t post the URL here because I’m required to have a TypeKey id to have a URL in the comment!

  4. Trogdor says:

    Fascinating. We’ll be watching this with great curiosity. The reason we stopped letting our ads appear on AdSense, and only on Google’s SERPs, is due to the lack of control & transparency.