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Web 2 Expo: Special Deal for SearchBlog Readers

By - March 08, 2007

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I’ve told you before about the Web 2 Expo, it’s the cousin of our original Web 2 conference (now called the Summit). I’m pleased to report that more folks have registered for the Expo than we originally predicted, and not only that, the lineup of keynote speakers is really excellent. Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, and Jeff Weiner are confirmed as keynotes, plus Mena Trott, Caterina Fake, Joe Kraus, and tons more. I’m going to be interviewing a lot of these folks on stage.

The event is April 15-17 in SF at the Moscone center. It’s bigger and far more hands on than the Summit, and if you plan on going, the early bird registration expires next week, Monday I believe. The organizers have offered Searchblog readers a special registration code that will knock another $100 off the price for all of you. If you are interested, send me an email and I’ll email you back the code.

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2 thoughts on “Web 2 Expo: Special Deal for SearchBlog Readers

  1. hmmmm….. why not be the first expo to start integrating Virtual Conferencing Hi-tech into the expo?

    Web 2.0 Conferences should lead by example, and should embrace the Web 2.0 hi-tech that is available. This opens up the conference to the ENTIRE WORLD!. The future is HERE right now, why not accelerate what will be the ultimate norm in a few decades?

    There could be live continuous streams for each major session and exhibitor to a public Website. And continous Chat Rooms and IM. This could be advertising supported, or vendor supported, or user paid – or a combination!

    In this early 21st century, it is totally ridiculous that Human Beings are STILL traveling thousands of miles to PHYICALLY be somewhere for an event of presentation.

    For those who want to synergize and network – that is fine.
    But for millions of potential customers worldwide – VIRTUAL participation could enhance their lives and the lives or the vendors and speakers.

    The Future is Here among Us

  2. Amy Cham says:

    Well, I’m one of those nutters going because I want to meet people (though I have high expectations for the workshops, too).

    As much as I love the internet and the ability to get informative video on my desktop, I am wary of letting things go too far and replacing the interpersonal conference experience with keyboards and cameras.

    It’s just not the same thing.