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By - March 15, 2007

350Px-Baseball (Ball) Closeup-1

Today begins my annual rite of spring, the trip to Scottsdale with my son to watch…baseball! Posting will be light to very light….

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6 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Dr. Pete says:

    It doesn’t get much better than that. Make it “very light”; it’ll be hard, but we can live without you for a week 😉

  2. JoeDuck says:

    Good job – your priorities are in good order.

  3. Ron Davis says:

    My dad and I have made a tradition of touring the Grapefruit League in Florida every year. We started in 1992, and with the exception of 4 years when I was in college, we’ve been every year.

    I leave Atlanta, pick him up in SC, and then we drive down to Florida. Our trip starts next Thursday.

    Enjoy your time with your son. I can tell you, from my own experience, that he will appreciate those trips and that time spent with you more than you can ever imagine.

  4. pittfall says:


    I would have to agree with JoeDuck and say your priorities are right and I hope you are rooting for the Cubs. I miss starting spring in Chandler and riding my bike to games.

    Have fun!

  5. mike rhodes says:

    There are times when I wish I lived in the States.
    The start of the baseball season would have to be one of them.
    We saw Billy Crystal’s “700 Sundays” a couple of weeks ago – absolutely amazing.
    His passion for the game (and everything else he talked about) was just fantastic.
    So good for you for making the trip & escaping the computer for a few hours… try to make it a few days!!
    Have a hot dog for me.

    Mike (Melbourne – where the F1 cars are currently very noisy!)

  6. hmmm… why not try audio visual blogging as an experiment – this would be great when reporting at conferences or expos from your laptop.