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Searchmob Roundup

By - March 29, 2007

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Will Social Networks and Vertical Search Combine to Challenge Google?

TripSync: Streamlines Travel Plans

Playing Nice with Google

New Service Creates Custom News Sites

Another Day and Another Video Search Service Announced, This Time from TV Guide

Will Social Networks and Vertical Search Combine to Challenge Google?

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One thought on “Searchmob Roundup

  1. Everyday Weekender says:

    wow.. I just came across this site.. I think I’ll be spending some time here!

    EW ;)

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Searchmob Roundup

By - March 14, 2007

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WSJ: How Webmasters Become Dependent on Google Rankings

More Than 1 Million Pages of Historical Government Documents Removed from Public View Since 9/11

The Internet Archive Needs Your Help in Capturing 2 Billion Web Pages

Merriam-Webster Online Adds Direct Links to Microsoft’s for Each Definition

Personalized Video: Divvio’s Preview Release; ChoiceStream and MeVee Too!

2 thoughts on “Searchmob Roundup

  1. Google, Yahoo, MSN and ASK are providing a FREE FREE FREE & FREE service.

    Webmasters have the option of BUYING ads or sponsor listing if they do not like being dependant on Organic serps listings.

    They can also buy Directory listings which are organized by type of business as opposed to ranked by SEO strategies.

    Search engine optimization usually increases the rankings of websites – companies choose to SEO to get more visitors – no one forces them to do this.

    When they DO become dependant on their high organic rankings as their primary source of income, knowing how new algos can change the landscape overnight, it was a gamble they took by choice. They should know the necessity of being more versatile and perspective in their marketing efforts.

  2. Richard Barber says:

    WSJ article is interesting, but I find Google’s reponse reassuring.

    I just read a great article on WSJ about how Google algo (algorithm) changes effect revenue & how you are perceived by your boss…

    The great thing is that Google have a level playing field for everyone, so although loosing 10% of traffic is more for a bigger company, the effects are just as real for every little company that is out there. So although the big company’s employ more people, there are more small companies, so they are are hurt more by algo changes because of the long tail effect on the internet, so it makes sense that Google should treat large and small companies in the same way…


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