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Searchblog JobBoard Test

By - March 23, 2007

Sblgo Job

I’m testing a service with Simply Hired that allows you all to post jobs on Searchblog. Currently, there are no jobs in the service, but perhaps you folks might need to hire some folks, and you’ll give it a whirl. I’ll highlight cool jobs every now and again. In fact, I think I might post a few FM open recs here. Check it out.

Also, if any of you are interested in flat rate or text sponsorships, I’m testing these as well via the FM engine. Check it all out on the right below the tower ad unit.

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2 thoughts on “Searchblog JobBoard Test

  1. Thomas Case says:

    Neat to see so many available SEO/SEM roles out there…too bad almost all of them are in CA/NY.

  2. BODY GUARDS says:

    Good idea, many qualified Developers and Entrepreneurs, worldwide follow this blog.

    Overall, it attracts a business savy and insightful readership.