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Rich Speaks Again

By - March 27, 2007

Every so often, Rich gets up and rips one off. His most recent is called “How to beat Google, part 1.”

From it:

Our entire industry is scared witless by Google’s dominance in search and advertising. Microsoft and Yahoo have been unsuccessful at staunching the bleeding of their search market share. VCs parrot the Google PR FUD machine that you need giant datacenters next to hydroelectric dams to compete. They spout nonsense about how startups should just use Alexa’s crawl and put some ajax on top of it. Ye gods.

Grow a spine people! You have a giant growing market with just one dominant competitor, not even any real #2. You’re going to do clean-tech energy saving software to shut off lightbulbs in high-rises instead? Pfft. Get a stick and try to knock G’s crown off.

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One thought on “Rich Speaks Again

  1. eka-man says:

    Pfft ?!!
    doing the energy saving platforms that is not easy !check us out at