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Another Old v New Media Piece in the Journal

By - March 07, 2007

This one is public, so you can all read it.

Mr. Schmidt said the Internet giant continues to pursue deals that will let it show media companies’ copyright content on YouTube but said there is a “genuine disagreement.” Traditional media argue their content has a certain intrinsic value, while Google says “prove it,” he said, speaking at a Bear Stearns investor conference yesterday. “That’s often a difficult conversation.”

Asked by a member of the audience whether Google is “arrogant,” as charged by some in traditional media, Mr. Schmidt said, “I’m sure we’re arrogant.” But he chalked up such complaints to a negotiating tactic, grousing that one of the ways traditional media negotiate is by leaking details of deal negotiations to the press and then threatening to sue.

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Meanwhile, A MSFT v. Google Battle Brews…

By - March 06, 2007

It’s always when I’m on the road. Microsoft’s counsel today made some inflammatory comments (more here) about Google and copyright, infering that perhaps Google’s entire approach to media was in violation of copyright. Google pointed me to a response by the head of the CIAA, here.

This is not Microsoft’s – or others – first attempt at playing to Big Media’s fears of Google. More as I have it…

Update: Google has provided me with this comment from David Drummond, their Senior Vice President Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer:

The goal of search engines, and of products like Google Book Search and YouTube, is to help users find information from content producers of every size. We do this by complying with international copyright laws, and the result has been more exposure and in many cases more revenue for authors, publishers and producers of content. In the publishing industry alone, we work with more than 10,000 partners around the world to make their works discoverable online, and in video, we recently added new partners including BBC and NBA. We look forward to working with even more partners to make more content discoverable online.

Just as Google is in a pitched debate with major media companies over YouTube, Microsoft pokes at its soft underbelly. I love this stuff. It literally writes itself.

More Road Days

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Today I am in South Florida, in my role as author – speaking to a group of communications execs at a conference here. Posting will return soon…

And We Needed Proof Alexa Is Terrible

By - March 05, 2007

Well, no we didn’t, but as I’ve said before, when is Google going to gift the world with a non broken version of Alexa? Google Peter Norvig does a good job of anecdotally proving the obvious. (via another Googler, Matt Cutts).

For example, let’s look at the log stats for my site and for some of my friends who have recently published their stats for 2006. We list the actual number of visits and pageviews, and the Alexa numbers for reach and pageviews. The difference is quite profound.

I Love Comments

By - March 02, 2007


Some great comments – and debates – all over the site lately. Thought I’d point a few out.

On my post about Quintura, some of Searchblog’s most prolific and accomplished commentators have a strong discussion of approaches to search. Worth the read.

Over at my post on Google’s 10-K, reader Lars, who has some serious credentials in new media, goes off on a nice long rant, it’s also worth the read….

On my Panama post, a few readers chime in with gloomier outlooks for Yahoo…

Thanks for all the comments. In fact, check out the graphic at left. Look at the number of comments on this site, compared to the number of posts. 4.5 times more comments than posts. Put another way, I’ve created 3000 or so discrete bits of “content” on this site, and you all have created nearly 14,000. Cool.

Again, On The Road

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Heading up to Niketown today. Posting will be light till my plane gets delayed and I’m stuck in the Portland airport posting rants about how terrible the MLB Game Day Audio is.

$11B in Liquid Assets and Growing

By - March 01, 2007


Google filed a 10-K this week (thanks Gary) and there were a few tidbits in there. If you’re a Google geek, it’s worth a read.

Google had more than 10,00 employees at the end of 2006, for example, and spent nearly $2B in capex in 06. Advertising is 99% of all revenues for three straight years. The UK is 15% of Google’s revenues. The US has declined from 66% to 57% in three years. TAC (traffic acquisition costs) are blended into overall revenues so it’s more difficult to figure the TAC percentage as a portion of Adsense, (a bit of other stuff may be in that figure), but if you take TAC as all Adsense related, you come up with $3.3B paid out, on $4.16B in Adsense (Google Network) revenues, or 79%, which is consistent with previous numbers.

Astonishingly, cost of sales is 8 percent. Very low and very efficient. Contractual obligations to publishing partners came in at $1.17B.

The YouTube acquisition is detailed, technology from that was valued at just $24mm. Goodwill (if ever there was an irony…) is the majority of the price. There’s $45mm in liabilities assumed…

dMarc and other was also listed. Not sure how the “others” was factored in, but again, the majority was “goodwill.” Again, it was an on the come play…

I am sure I’ve missed tons of stuff in here, but that’s why the link is there.

The headline, which I’ve buried: Google is sitting on more than $11B in cash and liquid instruments as of the end of 2006.