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The New West Summit

By - March 21, 2007


As many of you know, in a previous life I ran the Industry Standard. My partner in editorial pursuits was Jonathan Weber, a man I hold in very high regard. He’s running New West now, an innovative regional newssite based in Montana. He asked me to come to his New West Summit, and I certainly couldn’t refuse. It looks like a great event. If you have an interest in how the economy of the Rocky Mountain region is changing, I highly recommend it. And it’s not a bad place to be in June, I can attest to that. Jonathan is a consummate host!

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The Most Analyzed Company Ever

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Google is endlessly fascinating for us, and Henry Blodget continues the speculation with talking points for a debate about whether Google will become “King of all Media.” He makes the (accurate) observation that Google may conquer distribution, but it does not create content, so it doesn’t threaten traditional media companies. Yes, save this one fact: Traditional media companies either owned distrubtion, or depended on it for the bulk of their revenues (ie advertising in scarce distribution markets). But the debate continues…

Yahoo And YouTube

By - March 20, 2007

I’ve read this once, and want to read it again, but I think he gets the main point: Google knew what it was getting into when it bought YouTube – the battle for the future of video on the web. It might be a public, legal suit, it might be the threat of one which gets the parties to a business agreement. But it’s far from over.

New Yahoo Mobile Search

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News from Yahoo on mobile search:

Today we are launching Yahoo! oneSearch on our Yahoo! Mobile Web service, which is accessible to the more than 85 percent of you in the US who can use a browser on your mobile phones.

If you ever tried using mobile search before today, you’re familiar with the list of links you get as your search result, just like those you’re used to getting on your PC. But is that what you really want on your phone, where networks are not yet DSL-fast and some of you have to pay to load every page? All the consumers we’ve talked to back us up on this: You want instant answers, right on the results page — not a list of links. That’s just what Yahoo! oneSearch does — we give you the answers you want in just one search.

Light Posting

By - March 19, 2007

I’ve got an all day non-work related commitment Tuesday, so posting will be light….

Ballmer On Google – Uh Oh

By - March 18, 2007

Monkey Ballmer DanceLate last week Steve Ballmer gave an speech at Stanford in which he stated that Google is a “one trick pony” – that trick being search, of course. He also noted that Google’s staff growth is “insane” and called Google, in short, “cute.”

Lordy, Steve. That’s simply baiting the bear, isn’t it? Now, lemme think. For its first ten years (Google is nearly ten years old now), Microsoft was a “one trick pony” – that trick being DOS. IBM, the incumbent, most certainly saw you as “cute.” And as you piled on staff up there in Redmond, handing out options like it was crack, I bet someone gave a speech claiming you were “insane.”

I love the fire in the belly. But where’s the plan of attack? I’m guessing you have one. No, I’m sure you do. Can we hear it?

Buy The Business, It's For Sale

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Another sign that Microsoft, or someone else, could buy business from Google: Comcast is using the Wall St. Journal as a broadcast medium to potential partners that its deal with Google is up soon, and it’s looking for someone to buy the business. Price tag? $100 million. From the non-public article:

Comcast Corp. is negotiating to use Microsoft Corp.’s Internet search services on its broadband portal, a sign the cable titan isn’t happy about its current search deal with Google Inc., according to people familiar with the matter.

Comcast, the country’s largest cable operator, also has been talking to Google about extending their relationship. Currently, Google provides search results when users of the portal enter queries into the search box on the site. But Comcast thinks it should get a larger share of the revenue generated by the arrangement. It also is unhappy about other terms of the deal, these people say.

Hmmm. Gotta love “these people.”