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Searchblog JobBoard Test

By - March 23, 2007

Sblgo Job

I’m testing a service with Simply Hired that allows you all to post jobs on Searchblog. Currently, there are no jobs in the service, but perhaps you folks might need to hire some folks, and you’ll give it a whirl. I’ll highlight cool jobs every now and again. In fact, I think I might post a few FM open recs here. Check it out.

Also, if any of you are interested in flat rate or text sponsorships, I’m testing these as well via the FM engine. Check it all out on the right below the tower ad unit.

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If There Was Nothing But Time…

By - March 22, 2007

…I’d write long, overly analytical posts on these issues:

Metaweb. I spent some time with Danny Hillis today. What he’s trying to do is deeply important in terms of how the web is going to work – or not. I will write something soon, I promise.

YouTube. Man, this one is not going away, and there’s a lot to say about the new NBC/Newscorp thing. First, don’t pay attention to the content. I don’t think it matters. Pay attention to two things: One, the community – will it show up? And two, pay attention to the distribution they struck. Note how it’s all the folks on the web who are worried/terrified of Google? Uh huh.

Vista. I spent the day with a lot of technology folks, it almost felt like a day back in 2004 when I was interviewing sources for the book (it just ended up that way, no idea why). Anyway, almost universally folks were wondering what Microsoft is going to do about Vista being a disappointment. There was a vague sense of concern here – it seems the technology cycle we all understood is over – but we don’t understand the next one quite yet. It can’t just be Google…can it?

Two Fridays ago I took a day to write. I plan to do it again soon. I really, really miss it.

Yahoo Gets A Click Fraud Czar

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Thanks to Gary and SEL, news that Yahoo has appointed Reggie Davis, a lawyer (bio thanks to Gary), to focus on click fraud. From the release:

Davis will serve as the company’s first senior executive dedicated to continually enhancing the quality of Yahoo!’s display and search listings marketplaces.

As vice president of marketplace quality, Davis is responsible for developing and executing a strategy aimed at driving more rapid innovation, greater transparency and faster delivery of product and service enhancements to build an even higher quality advertising network for Yahoo!’s customers. Davis will hire a dedicated staff to manage across all of Yahoo!’s cross-functional quality teams and ensure that customer input is integrated into all efforts to address click fraud, traffic quality, network placement and other marketplace quality issues. Davis and his team will also be responsible for increasing Yahoo!’s dialogue with advertisers and publishers on quality related matters.

NBC and NewsCorp To Unveil NewsTube, Er, Name TBD

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This just in from the LA Times:

News Corp. and NBC Universal plan to announce as soon as today that they are creating an online video site stocked with TV shows and movies, plus clips that users can modify and share with friends, according to people close to the negotiations.

The two companies enlisted help from some of Google’s biggest Internet rivals. The News Corp.-NBC Universal partnership has deals with Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp., Time Warner Inc.’s AOL and News Corp.’s MySpace to place videos in front of their collective audience of hundreds of millions.

Paid Content gets props for early coverage.

MSFT Reorgs Search and Ads

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Live Search-1

Nah, they’re not spinning out a newco with Yahoo, but it’s a start. According to LiveSide:

Microsoft today announced the creation of a new group spun out of Windows Live, the Live Search and Ad Platform. Live Search (formerly Windows Live Search, formerly MSN Search) will join adCenter in a new group that will not report to Steven Sinofsky and Windows Live, but will be headed by Satya Nadella, and report directly to Kevin Johnson, the Platform and Systems division head.

The Map of Science

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Who doesn’t love a good data visualization? This one’s a doozy. From the writeup on Seed:

This map was constructed by sorting roughly 800,000 published papers into 776 different scientific paradigms (shown as pale circular nodes) based on how often the papers were cited together by authors of other papers. Links (curved black lines) were made between the paradigms that shared papers, then treated as rubber bands, holding similar paradigms nearer one another when a physical simulation forced every paradigm to repel every other; thus the layout derives directly from the data.

Link to the big map. Thanks, Bill!

Semel The Chesire Cat

By - March 21, 2007

Semel Terry(image)

Terry Semel knows he needs a win, and it sounds like he’s got one. He told an AdAge audience that Panama would “some very exciting numbers” this quarter, according to Reuters. “I’m totally all smiles,” Semel said. “We are very excited and very happy and I’m smiling broadly.”

Worth the Read

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Wow, a lot in the feeds today. What I found particularly worthy:

Digesting Google’s PPA ads, from TechCrunch. I am still digesting. This is good analysis. I am ambivalent about the new text link ad unit, so is Mike. “They’ve crossed a hazy ethical line here” he says. The NYT covers it but does not dwell on the link ad unit.

Yahoo, Google Revs are similiar from SEW. Yahoo is in no way out of this game. It’s two ends to the middle, CPA/C to CPM.

Scoble continues to beat on his old employer’s search results.

Kedrosky is a robot spammer, Google says! Slow down, Paul!

is Web 2.0 Over?
from Venturebeat. Analysis of venture funding.

Google unveils the Plus Box. Click on the “plus sign” and you get more data. Innaresting.

The Kinderstart case is dismissed, Matt reports. Earlier coverage.

Where the ad growth is, from Lost Remote. Er…surprised?

Clarification from Google on net neutrality via GigaOm. This is not an easy issue to clarify…

Digg on Google clarifying its plan with phones. No hardware, folks.


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Craig alerts me to a days old NYT search spam piece and related research from MSFT. From the Times:

Tens of thousands of junk Web pages, created only to lure search-engine users to advertisements, are proliferating like billboards strung along freeways. Now Microsoft researchers say they have traced the companies and techniques behind them.

A technical paper published by the researchers says the links promoting such pages are generated by a small group of shadowy operators apparently with the acquiescence of some major advertisers, Web page hosts and advertising syndicators. …

….Surprisingly, the researchers noted that the vast bulk of the junk listings was created from just two Web hosting companies and that as many as 68 percent of the advertisements sampled were placed by just three advertising syndicators.

I’m not surprised, actually. It makes a lot of sense. The folks who are the best at this are the ones “winning,” so to speak. Just like the big engines….


The researchers found that for some keywords like “drugs” and “ring tone,” more than 30 percent of the results from major search engines were fake pages created by spammers.

They discovered that the average spam density — a measure of the percentage of Web pages that contain only advertisements — was 11 percent for 1,000 keywords they used in their research.

The researchers said large advertisers were to blame for a significant share of the spam problem.