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MSFT Search Chief Is Leaving

By - March 07, 2007

The woes at MSFT search continue: Christopher Payne, the boss of search at MSN, is leaving. I have been talking to a lot of folks in the MSFT world, and search is a true charlie horse for the company. It needs an order of magnitude shift to win, and that’s a very, very tall order. More as I can write more…

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2 thoughts on “MSFT Search Chief Is Leaving

  1. Former MSFT Searcher says:

    I wouldn’t call it a woe… More directly empowering Berkowitz is potentially the best thing that could have happened to the corporate hierarchy at Live Search.

  2. nmw says:

    Hmm — if I do X searches at GT and/or Y searches at M$, which is better? I think: *less is better*

    “If you look at statistics on search, every week roughly half of people who search use more than one search engine in order to satisfy their needs,” Ozzie said. That shows that people are “not completely satisfied with the results, and they’re looking for other opportunities to satisfy those requests.”

    (source: )

    😀 nmw