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Lycos – Jubii

By - March 18, 2007


A NYT story dated for Monday says Lycos will re-enter the US search/portal market under the brand Jubii, the name of a Danish subsidiary.

Er. OK. I have a soft spot for Lycos, it bought the assets of Wired Digital, which I owned a very small portion of in 1997 (I don’t own any of it now). I’ve always rooted for the company, though it’s never won anything, to be honest. So, with that in mind…Go Jubii, Go!

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One thought on “Lycos – Jubii

  1. Michael Martinez says:

    Well, Jubii doesn’t look like much of a search portal right now.

    Are you sure the NYT isn’t making up more “news”? I’m starting to think they are as reliable and useful as Wikipedia.