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It's Trench Warfare Now

By - March 27, 2007


Google, Microsoft, Yahoo… It’s now a war of distribution as much as innovation. Why do I say this? Read on, a release from Google:


LG Handsets to integrate Google Search, Google Maps for mobile, Blogger Mobile and Gmail for mobile

Seoul, Korea, and Orlando, Florida March 28, 2007 – LG Electronics (LG), a leading worldwide provider of advanced wireless handsets and accessories, and Google today announced a global collaboration to pre-install Google’s services on millions of LG mobile phones. Mobile users around the world will now be able to easily search for information, find locations, update blogs and manage email while on the move.

“Building on our efforts to set new standards for wireless handsets, we are excited to partner with Google to offer extra value to consumers with enhanced mobile Internet experiences,” said Mr. Paul Bae, Vice President of the Product Planning Team at LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “LG’s mobile devices, combined with Google, will provide consumers with easy access to their favorite Internet services even without a PC and make it easy for them to stay connected while in motion.”

Say it with me: Distribution Distribution Distribution Distribution Distribution Distribution Distribution Distribution Distribution!

Previously in the distribution wars: Dell, Facebook, AOL, Pack….

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One thought on “It's Trench Warfare Now

  1. JG says:

    I don’t want these team-ups. I want the choice to be able to use whatever service with whatever mobile carrier. When will they all learn that bundling is evil? For example, even if I install a piece of software on Windows, I want it to be my choice, not Microsoft’s OEM bundling pack. And if I want a search or mapping service on my cell phone, even if I end up choosing Google, I want it to be my choice, and not because it came pre-bundled.

    I guess it really is all about distribution and the customer lock-in which distribution enables.

    But frankly I’d rather my mobile phone be an open platform on which I can run anything I choose.