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I Love Comments

By - March 02, 2007


Some great comments – and debates – all over the site lately. Thought I’d point a few out.

On my post about Quintura, some of Searchblog’s most prolific and accomplished commentators have a strong discussion of approaches to search. Worth the read.

Over at my post on Google’s 10-K, reader Lars, who has some serious credentials in new media, goes off on a nice long rant, it’s also worth the read….

On my Panama post, a few readers chime in with gloomier outlooks for Yahoo…

Thanks for all the comments. In fact, check out the graphic at left. Look at the number of comments on this site, compared to the number of posts. 4.5 times more comments than posts. Put another way, I’ve created 3000 or so discrete bits of “content” on this site, and you all have created nearly 14,000. Cool.

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4 thoughts on “I Love Comments

  1. Speaking of ‘great comments’ and pointing ‘a few out’ – here is one that is absolutely superb in its reasoning and insight!–Google-Cloaking-Controversies/

  2. Dr. Pete says:

    Congrats, John. In developing my own professional blog, I’ve been amazed at how much traffic it takes to convert into regular comments. I recently broke the 100 user/day mark (thanks, in part, to your generosity with link-following comments), and it’s still a rare post that draws multiple comments.

  3. Oracep says:

    Coning at 88% is the reason that Lars’ long rant is worth a read-low level background, high level analysis and judgement.

    Oracep Technologies

  4. sky says:

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