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Flickr-like Tube?

By - March 28, 2007

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BeetTV says so:

Beet.TV has learned that You Tube will introduce new functionality to its platform tonight which will allow users to organize clips around specific categories.

Up to now, clips saved to an account or uploaded to dedicated channel are organized in what often seems a random process — usually arranged chronologically, but not always.

The new interface will allow users to organize clips according to designated categories.

I can’t imagine that such a feature was anything but “long time coming….”

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3 thoughts on “Flickr-like Tube?

  1. Randall Scott says:


    I’ll show you the future of Internet video. It’s “How to” videos and Wiki’s – tied in with a Pop-culture presentation in short for clips. Go to YouTube and search for “Lawns to Gardens” to see what I mean… then go look at what oil prices did today.

  2. Adam says:

    It was only a matter of time before someone combined the biggest two similes of Web 2.0 – but can this please begin the end of “the Flickr of this…like YouTube for that” trend?

    YouTube is allowing you to organize your videos into collections…nuff said. Collecting things is not inherently “Flickr-y” just like giving something a thumbs up doesn’t make it a Digg clone.

    K, thanks.

  3. BODY GUARDS says:

    This is what was really introduced last night…..