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Another Old v New Media Piece in the Journal

By - March 07, 2007

This one is public, so you can all read it.

Mr. Schmidt said the Internet giant continues to pursue deals that will let it show media companies’ copyright content on YouTube but said there is a “genuine disagreement.” Traditional media argue their content has a certain intrinsic value, while Google says “prove it,” he said, speaking at a Bear Stearns investor conference yesterday. “That’s often a difficult conversation.”

Asked by a member of the audience whether Google is “arrogant,” as charged by some in traditional media, Mr. Schmidt said, “I’m sure we’re arrogant.” But he chalked up such complaints to a negotiating tactic, grousing that one of the ways traditional media negotiate is by leaking details of deal negotiations to the press and then threatening to sue.

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One thought on “Another Old v New Media Piece in the Journal

  1. sloopy says:

    Because the traditional media is a bunch of moral-free sluts with no value add besides shuffling paper and being egotistical asshats. That’s why engineers who really create things have a hard time figuring out how to deal with them – as the valueless slimebags they are…