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And In Other Reading…

By - March 27, 2007

GigaOm on Google and its video problem…

Google’s giving bikes out to employees, G B’scoped says. What, the Segway isn’t enough?

With respect, I disagree with #6 here. See this post.

Man, I wish I was at etech. I am missing it for the first time in three years. A roundup

More Google focus on mobile…and mobile ads are hot

Microsoft has a new search head…. (more)

Oh, via SEL, Timesearch. I love the concept.

More Panama good news.

So Yahoo is feeling generous, unlimited mail storage, TechCrunch reports

Wow, Best Buy bought my ISP. Huh.

The Microsoft iPhone.

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3 thoughts on “And In Other Reading…

  1. hugh macleod says:

    And with respect right back at’cha, you may be right. Just nothing from the old-school advertising world of I used to call “home” has managed to get onto my radar screen in any significant way… but that may be a case of my mental filters being on the wrong settings.

  2. Trogdor says:


    You love the concept? No kidding. Of course you do, you devoted a page or two to the idea in your book!

  3. Trogdor says:

    Kudos to you, John, for seeing another of your ideas start to bear some fruit.