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Humor Becomes Them

By - February 26, 2007 is a shopping search engine (previous coverage here). They rent space in an office complex that is now owned by…wait for it….Google. Their sense of humor was not appreciated by the new landlords, apparently…Overlord Small

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4 thoughts on “Humor Becomes Them

  1. Captain says:

    Arrhgg.. What a shayme thaat be.

  2. blakemo says:

    John, I think of you as being very fair minded. In fact I rely on you for it.

    So here is a question for your fair-minded consideration: I wonder why you assume it was someone from Google who removed the banner – rather than someone from one of the dozen or more companies in the building who might have been a little embarrassed by the banner?

    Speaking only for myself, I know that if I worked for one of those companies, I would have felt very uncomfortable when I saw that sign.

  3. John Battelle says:

    Fair comment. It’s as likely that the banner was taken down by Become’s management as any other.

  4. Craig says:

    It was taken down by the building maintenance team after the request came from the landlords to remove it. It was all done in good humor and if anyone was embarrassed it just shows that everyone needs to lighten up a bit