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FAST's AdMomentum

By - February 05, 2007


There’s other search monetization news today with the announcement of FAST’s AdMomentum. Release is here. The publisher-centric ad platform is due out in the spring. More from this AP story. Tidbits:

Fast is marketing its platform _ dubbed AdMomentum _ as a one-stop solution for Web sites that want to become less dependent on Google and the other large advertising networks operated by Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp.


With more money at stake, Fast is betting Web sites will be increasingly interested in developing their own ad systems so they won’t have to share revenue with Google and the other networks.

‘Publishers are not going to want another hand in their pockets every time they are selling ads,’ said Perry Solomon, Fast’s vice president of strategic market development. Solomon declined to discuss AdMomentum’s pricing model.

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2 thoughts on “FAST's AdMomentum

  1. Mike says:

    Sounds like LookSmart’s AdCenter.

  2. Fred says:

    I expect they don’t want to comment on the pricing model because they want a percentage of ad revenue. In other words: still another hand in the pocket.