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The Best Technology Writing

By - January 28, 2007

Book Open-7

Pal Steven Levy is hoping you all can help him figure out the best tech writing of 2006 to add to a collection for a book. I’ve not written a lot of long form stuff this year, as I did mostly interviews for Business 2 and shorter stuff for the site, so I encourage you to find what you love out there and help Steven. But if you feel like logrolling your pal Battelle, I am fond of these: Conversational Media parts one and two.

I know that I owe you all parts three and four, that fact weighs on me each day. I would like nothing more than to write. Sigh.

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One thought on “The Best Technology Writing

  1. Oracep says:

    Your thinking index for Conversational Media part one was 72% and 79% for part two; pride justified:
    70-79% low level background/high level analysis/mid level judgement.