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Speech-to-Text Search on YouTube

By - January 04, 2007

Picture 1-40PodZinger announces users can now search keywords within the YouTube database. Via SplashCast:

Speech-to-text video and audio search engine Podzinger just announced this afternoon that users can now search inside YouTube videos with a tab on the front page of Podzinger. The functionality appears to have been added in late December but I haven’t seen any blog coverage of it yet…

How’s the quality? I did a search for Starbucks and Podzinger found 120 results so far – compared to 3,000+ on YouTube searching text. Those results are interesting though, including one video uploaded today of a man driving a motorcycle through Taiwan at night, past a place that reminds him of Starbucks. He says the name of the coffee chain at the 3:46 mark in the video, Podzinger shows us. That is very impressive!

The official PodZinger blog post.

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6 thoughts on “Speech-to-Text Search on YouTube

  1. Youswitch says:

    When I enter a word energy or even I tried starbucks it brings up bunch of japanesse anime videos and does not work at all :(. Maybe their technology does not work when people talk in different languages?

  2. That’s very interesting. But I bet it was hard to code PodZinger.

  3. To Youswitch, It could be that you are searching just the Anime collection on PodZinger. Make sure you are searching “All Channels” – this is at the top of the search results page. When you type in a term, you should see results returned that hihglight the term in the “tags” or in the spoken content of the video. Sometimes the term shows up in both.

  4. blunky says:

    Searching on “britney” “sadam” and “bush” delivers a disconcerting lack of relevant results, but a kind of amazing porny consistency… “cowboys” “simpsons” “9/11” “america” and even “Jesus”… all the same. Is Podzinger trying to clue us into some larger truth?

  5. Tom says:

    On Google Video, Google has been providing this search capability for quite some time although, as far as I can tell, the service seems only to provide results from videos produced by Google.