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    According to Vnunet…

    ‘Google said in a written statement that the problem has since been fixed, and that procedures have been put in place to strip login information from future submissions.’

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    Re Wallstreet and Web 2.0, I posted a couple of days ago on Stockpikr and some other social stock picking sites, and what I think they need to do to become more usfeul. If you’re interested, click on my name in the comments to read the post

  • Electricty

    Wisdom of the crowds.. we will see what 2007 will bring us!

  • Billow

    Really useful to make some very irritating clients understand the concept behind keeping their websites with less images, most of the clients gets happy to see their competitor websites in flash but don’t understand its negative impact on search engine and when as company we try to convince they feel that we are unable to do the work in flash hence making excuses, ultimately such people has be left till the time they their self realize the point.

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    take a look to some google leaks @ johnny hackstuff.He shows that google is a good hackmachine!its criminal !

  • vps hosting

    There has been many incidents where google hackers are finding their way out,well they are certainly are not called that but they are famously known as “black hat seo’s.”

  • Brian Mingus

    John, I love your blog, but I really dislike these SearchMob links showing up in my feed reader.

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