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Got a Startup? Launch It at The Web 2 Expo This April

By - January 10, 2007

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Most of you know that I am a partner and Program Chair of the Web 2 Summit. That event has been oversold for three years now, and my partners O’Reilly and CMP have launched a second event targeted at a broader (and much larger) audience. As part of that program they are replicating the Web 2 Launchpad that’s been part of the Summit these past two years. If you have a new company with a major product or company launch in the April timeframe, this is a great place to do it. More information is here. The deadline to apply is Feb 1….

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4 thoughts on “Got a Startup? Launch It at The Web 2 Expo This April

  1. Did you give a right link for Web2Summit?

  2. Oops, fixed that. Thanks.

  3. deep says:

    Im very interested on this. Too bad we cant ossibly launch our App on April.

    Anyways, we’ll see you in the Expo.

  4. jbl says:

    Too bad it’s in the same week as NAB, the second largest annual event in Las Vegas. Although NAB used to be an event for “broadcasters”, it’s getting more attention from people interetsed in all types of media including Web. Online video will probably be a hot topic at NAB this year, as it will be at the Web 2.0 Expo. Some people will have tough choice to decide which one to go, just like CES vs. MacWorld this week.

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