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By - January 21, 2007

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Every couple of years I am invited to the World Economic Forum at Davos, and even better, they give me a reason to come – an honor, or a club to join, or some such. This year I was invited onto a media council and am moderating or sitting on panels on Beyond Web 2, Privacy, the Future of Talent, and more. I’m very pleased that some of the folks at the WEF came to our Web 2 conference last year and were inspired to start the WEF “bloggregator” – part of an ongoing effort to open up the WEF to all comers. Jeff Jarvis, Arianna Huffington, and many others are involved. Check it out.

And I hope to be posting on my experiences there, though having been before, I’ll admit it’s quite a trip, and it’s not always easy to stop and get perspective while on the merry go round. I’ll do my best.

If anyone reading this is going, please do let me know in comments or via email. Thanks!

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