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Panama Ho

By - December 12, 2006

More and more info coming out on Yahoo’s big Panama release. From a Bloomberg roundup:

Yahoo! Inc., the second most-used Internet search engine, released new advertising software to all U.S. customers in a push to close the gap with Google Inc.

Clients can sign up for a new account and use the upgraded software today, said Steve Mitgang, a Yahoo senior vice president. Customers who already have accounts are being switched over to the software, called Project Panama, he said.

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  • 7dou
  • website traffic

    why Panama? Is there anything about avoiding taxes…

  • Keith Cash

    Maybe Panama because the canal saves time and mileage is be dramatically reduced when travelling from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean or vice versa. For example, it would save a total of 18,000 miles on a trip from New York to San Francisco.

    Gateway Internet search engine to save time.

  • Joe Hunkins

    Yahoo launches great application with huge monetizing potential: Stock down 0.25

    Google Farts: Stock up $5.00