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NYT On Decker: They Likey

By - December 07, 2006

Sue Decker

(Image cropped from the NYT) Susan Decker gets called out for praise in this NYT profile:

Throughout that challenging period [after the crash], Ms. Decker played a leading role in helping reset expectations on Wall Street and inside the company. She was also instrumental in helping recruit a management team that put the company on a path to renewed growth.

Those accomplishments earned her a healthy dose of credibility and loyalty, according to people inside and outside Yahoo….

..“It would be difficult to find a job for which she is not intellectually capable,” said Geoff Ralston, Yahoo’s former chief product officer, who left the company in April. “That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of challenges for her. But she is one of the clearest- thinking minds at Yahoo.”

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