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November Search Flux

By - December 08, 2006

Trailing the web search market, Compete has a monthly update showing that Google regained ground from October, up 3.5 points, to a high of 66%. While Yahoo lost share, 3.6 points, to fall under 21%. Meanwhile, Ask maintained recently elevated levels, closing at 4.8%.

Jeremy Crane has the Compete post, with an amusing introduction.Picture 2-28

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  • ~ SearcH EngineS WeB ~

    What is so surprising is the poor rankings given to MSN Live and AOL. MSN’s decline is extremely hard to explain.

    They appear to be doing everything humanly possible.

  • seekXL

    is it so surprising that msn / live go down? why is aol so slow? bad management?

  • Ken

    Unless Compete reveals their actual methodolgy, these numbers are not worth discussing.

  • seekXL

    i have leave yesterday a message here, but today the post is deleted? why?