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November Search Flux

By - December 08, 2006

Trailing the web search market, Compete has a monthly update showing that Google regained ground from October, up 3.5 points, to a high of 66%. While Yahoo lost share, 3.6 points, to fall under 21%. Meanwhile, Ask maintained recently elevated levels, closing at 4.8%.

Jeremy Crane has the Compete post, with an amusing introduction.Picture 2-28

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4 thoughts on “November Search Flux

  1. What is so surprising is the poor rankings given to MSN Live and AOL. MSN’s decline is extremely hard to explain.

    They appear to be doing everything humanly possible.

  2. seekXL says:

    is it so surprising that msn / live go down? why is aol so slow? bad management?

  3. Ken says:

    Unless Compete reveals their actual methodolgy, these numbers are not worth discussing.

  4. seekXL says:

    i have leave yesterday a message here, but today the post is deleted? why?