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One thought on “"lipitor levitra single malt scotch cheeseburger dizziness"

  1. Shander says:

    elementary my dear watson!

    As much good as press writers, civil libertarian and tech fans might do to bring the issue to the forefront, I think its the fiction writers and directors (who perhaps reading their bretheren men of letters) who will make it pop culture.

    and maybe even reality shows…

    Watch the FBI files or the fictional equivalent of CSI and you see crimes being solved and criminals convicted based upon computer and interenet records that were able to be recovered from peoples machines, even after they were supposedly erased. .. the leap to search history, (or the video check out history ala justice thomas) give people “real” concrete examples of the more esoteric privacy issues.

    Simple ways to opt for annominity need to be offered… ones that work… consumers will follow.