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Just In Case You're Not Paying Attention, eBay Is…

By - December 20, 2006

I have been watching Google Checkout, and if you care about the space, you should too. Ebay is most likely VERY worried. They should be. Google is leveraging its cash, its brand, and its AdWords to push this new service. Watch this space. (B2).

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3 thoughts on “Just In Case You're Not Paying Attention, eBay Is…

  1. RBA says:

    eBay needs to open up. They’ve done what Google has been bragging about for years: do one thing and do it really good. Now Google is far from that motto, but eBay somehow still is. The moment someone creates a clear alternative to the marketplace eBay has created, they’d have to move fast if they don’t want to lose their edge. Google Checkout still has a long way, but it’s a highly lucrative market so I expect Google to throw more resources at it than to other pet projects like GMail, News, etc.

  2. Why was there a BIG (give a gift card) ad on the feed? It completely looked like part of the post and am sure you got a high click through. Feedburner should really write “this is an ad” somewhere on it.

  3. Mike B says:

    Not sure how scared eBay should be. Google is giving away $20 plus processing fees for every $50 transaction made. This means they are losing probably at least $22 on each $50 transaction. Sure, this will get them a ton of business in the short term but is this really a long a term win?

    I remember in 1999/2000 a crop of startups who were essentially buying traffic and business. These were the first to flame out in 2000, but it looks like we’ve come full circle now in 2006. I don’t see this phase going on much longer.