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Google's Video Ads

By - December 27, 2006

Google continues to test approaches to video ads, AdWeek reports on the test which have been reported in the past. I was talking to someone today about Google and video ads. Besides tests like eepyBird and beet, Google is also buying inventory on some large, well known sites and reserving it for video, similar to the way they primed the pump by buying cheap banners and replacing them with AdSense back when that service launched. But so far, not many video ads are showing up, I am told by the site owners. I am sure that will/can change, but it strikes me it’s a very different sell to fill video inventory than two-minutes-and-your-done text ads via credit card signups. This area will surely make my list of predictions for 2007. Stay, er, tuned.

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One thought on “Google's Video Ads

  1. Andy Redfern says:

    An excellent example of this is here

    Shows how Coca-Cola have used the “mentos” buzz and inserted an advert at the end of this really popular viral video.