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Google Search API, Dropped

By - December 20, 2006

Picture 1-36Google has surreptitiously and summarily hacked-off the SOAP branch of its search API, directing developers to the AJAX API without even a blog post. O’Reilly notes that Nelson Minar, the originator of SOAP API at Google, says that this is part of the product discipline drive earlier seen with the ending of the Google Answers program. Perhaps it’s needed discipline, but the developer community is necessarily unhappy with a replacement that won’t fill the needs of the hundreds of applications now depending on the far more flexible SOAP API. Bug fixes for the SOAP API are discontinued, and it is not clear how long Google will support existing users.

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8 thoughts on “Google Search API, Dropped

  1. Liseli says:

    Thread very good. They all (lamerz webmaster) is Google API with spam creating.. This very good news 🙂

  2. sr says:

    Google cares only about the ad ecosystem

    Independent Software vendors depending
    on their APIs can be damned

  3. JG says:

    sr: Not true! Google doesn’t only care about the ad ecosystem. I have heard them say multiple times that the advertising on Google is independent from the SERPs! One does not affect the other, nor vice versa! Google cares just as much about the SERPs!

    And because SERPs are independent, you should be able to decouple them.. separate the SERPs (through APIs) from the ads, right?

    To admit otherwise, to admit that Google cannot decouple them, is to admit that the ads are not independent from the SERPs. But the moment Google admits that, Google has lost its soul.

    [looks left, sees rock] [looks right, sees hard place]

  4. Amit Kumar says:

    We just posted a blog entry on this topic. Yahoo Search APIs are going strong – we welcome developers to use our APIs.

  5. Chris Kata says:

    This is a ridiculous move by Google. Clearly they don’t know the difference between AJAX and SOAP!

  6. Will Spencer says:

    I received a letter from Google stating that 31 August 2009 will be the last day for the SOAP API.

    Unfortunately, the AJAX API has never been enhanced to include the functionality of the SOAP API.

  7. Yemek says:

    Hi Guys;

    Google search api is artless but difficult for enhanced by sites structure. I think this is closing since for this subject.

    And i think again, John is create pools for it’s about.

  8. fibercement says:

    Good idea yemek.Thanks a lot.