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  • Kevin OKeefe

    Enjoy John. You’ve down some great things the last year. From your book, to your blog, to your business models, you’ve offered folks like me keen insight.

  • Randy Charles Morin

    Happy New Years!

  • Keith Cash

    Slainte / Cheers
    Happy New Years. 2007

  • ~ SearcH EngineS WeB ~

    What was the most important TECH news Story of 2006?
    This would be a great idea for a Dec 31st Topic?

    Readers could post one link apiece to their favorite 2006 Tech news story – or – they could just post them here.

  • vijay

    Hey John:

    You book search is the best book for any one who attends interview with google. Trust me it really helps.

  • New year

    Happy New year!

  • adres

    Happy new year for all..

  • gio

    Happy New Year!

  • Michael Stone

    Your eBay prediction is a little weak. Do you mean Meg Whitman needs to leave? They’ve already lost a bunch of “c” level executives over the past year. I think it’s widely known that her contract is up sometime in 2007. Do you think that it will not be renewed?

  • Ron Denholm

    Coning, Paraconing and Cascaded Paraconing will improve the content management of blogs. Being able to rate your writing and compare it objectively to others will be a huge leap in leveraging thinking quality.

    Happy new year!

  • aşk

    happy new year my blog friends! :)

  • link pyramid

    Thank for the head up guys, hope it will go soon.