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Web X.whatever

By - November 13, 2006

Remember my 2006 predictions? In them, I said:

“Web 2.0” will make the cover of Time Magazine, and thus its moment in the sun will have passed. However, the story that drives “Web 2.0” will only strengthen, and folks will cast about for the next best name for the phenomenon.

While there is still time for Time to create a cover on Web 2, the fact is, the Times has already declared “Web 3.0”. And I have to say, now that the conference is over, that all this nomenclature debate is deeply boring. Fact is, the web matters now, and it will never, ever, not matter again. Before “web 2”, one could argue that the web was a trend. But now, the web is us – everyone, not just the folks debating it. When we don’t matter, well, then we can end the discussion.

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One thought on “Web X.whatever

  1. Pete Abilla says:


    You should check this out. It shows Jawed Karim’s Linkedin profile, declaring himself a “Web 3.0” Pioneer. Jawed is a co-founder at YouTube.