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Spock, Find My Lost Love

By - November 01, 2006


Matt reports on Spock, a search engine for people. From his post:

From a demo we’ve seen, we think it could be a powerful addition. Spock could take this in some interesting directions. Its main challenge will be to wean users from Google as a first stop, though more on that in a sec.

When Spock launches, it will have 100 million profiles of people in its database, by far the largest open repository of profiles anywhere. Spock delivers a mixture of facts and research on a people, but also opens a profile to social input, giving it a touch of Wikipedia.

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One thought on “Spock, Find My Lost Love

  1. John says:

    Seems like zoominfo has this space to themselves right now but focused more on business profiles. Should be interesting to see some competition. Could this compete with IMDB also?