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SEC Chair Suggests Blogs for Financial Disclosure

By - November 09, 2006

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox suggested on Friday that the SEC will consider allowing companies to push their financial information to the public via blogs —- and he did so by posting himself on a blog on Friday. That’s the first time an SEC Chairman has posted on a blog, but moreover, if the SEC approves blogs as a medium for disseminating financial disclosures it will be a recognition that blogs meet the criteria to reach a ‘broad public audience through non-exclusionary means.’

Chairman Cox also invited the opinion Jonathan Schwartz, the CEO of Sun, on the viability of relying on blogs for this federal financial regulation. Schwartz, one of the few executives who blog for their company, earlier requested to use blogs for this mechanism. (NYT, Post)

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2 thoughts on “SEC Chair Suggests Blogs for Financial Disclosure

  1. Blogs are really great mediums for distributing information. I was able to read some news clippings on some major Linux websites about personalities or CEO’s that have already been using blogs to disseminate vital details regarding their present inventories, and yes, even their financial operations for quite sometime now. It’ll be easier for administrators to update the blogs and financial reports, when necessary, and for the public to leave comments on how they perceive the financial data.

    Save probably for some negative spam-comments here and there from time-to-time, I believe the blogs will work out fine. I’ve been using blogs also for marketing Blogs are working well for us too. Certainly there have been major changes sweeping through the internet with the coming of these blogs. 10 points for the Securities and Exchange Commission for a job well done.

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