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Google Italy Video Case

By - November 24, 2006

Interesting tidbit from Reuters:

ROME (Reuters) – Italian prosecutors on Friday put two Google Italy representatives under investigation as part of an inquiry into how a video of teenagers harassing an autistic classmate surfaced on its Video site, a judicial source said.

The two are being investigated for allegedly failing to check on the content of the video posted on the Internet search engine’s Web site.

The video, which sparked outrage in the country, showed four teenagers beating and poking fun at a 17-year old disabled boy in a classroom in the northern Italian city of Turin.

What really struck me is this part:

“I’ve said repeatedly that there can’t be double standards, one for the press and television and another for the Internet,” (Italy’s Education Minister Giuseppe Fioroni ) told ANSA news agency.

The Internet search engine shared the same duty as other forms of media in distributing “responsible” content, he said.


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We Already Have A Google OS

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It’s called search. Search *is* the new OS. Just most of the world hasn’t figured it out yet. All this speculation, it’s just folks noticing what’s already true.


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Happy Thanksgiving, Searchbloggers. I’m very grateful that you are part of this community. Have a great holiday.

Fun Stats for The Holiday

By - November 22, 2006


I’ve been meaning to point to these all week, but with the holiday, and all the catch up work after Web 2 and being sick as a dog last week, well. Anyway, this is kind of fun. The subject: Google’s search share (natch). The stats: well, Comscore says Google gained share, and Nielsen says it lost. I say, when can we get a stat provider we can trust? SEW does a nice job of wrapping it all up here.

Meanwhile, Hitwise (whose data feels most suspect of the three given the results Danny tabulated in the pic to the left) has a nifty chart where you can chart Yahoo v Google for overall audience here.

Web 2 Podcasts Up

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Thanks to Intel, which sponsored them, the podcasts of Web 2 are already up. Check them out here.

Music Labels Lose Copyright Suit Against Baidu

By - November 20, 2006

Logo-Baike-TestBaidu, China’s largest search engine, just cleared a hurdle on copyright infringement with the music industry. The Chinese courts ruled that directing users to illegally downloadable material from third party sites did not constitute a violation, overturning an earlier favorable ruling for EMI.

From the BBC:

“If the music companies had won, the whole search engine sector would have ground to a halt,” Xinhua news agency quoted a Baidu spokesman as saying.

The report said the music companies would appeal against the ruling.