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Google Video Suit

By - November 11, 2006

Does anyone know who actually filed this suit? This WaPo piece says it came from France. Trying to grok if this is a Big Deal or not. Given the lack of second beat stories, perhaps it’s not…

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3 thoughts on “Google Video Suit

  1. shmooth says:

    I am unable to take seriously any post that uses the word ‘grok’. This ‘word’ is apparently now required if a web2.0 blogger wants to be taken seriously. The uber-jet-set-white-upper-class-techno-geeker-exclusionary-
    self-interested-self-important-megalomaniacal-sf-bay set can remain all of these things, but it must stop using this brazenly self-mocking, en-vogue, horrible-sounding word. It will never gain widespread acceptance outside of this little circle because it is so obviously a pathetic excuse for attention that nobody outside of the self-enamored web2.0 clique can comprehend why folks use this word instead of a meaninful term like ‘understand’ – except for the most obvious reason – self-congratulatory conferences are not enough for the web2.0 set – their arrogance really does extend that far.

    I actually saw this word used twice in a single post today.

    Grep the blogosphere for ‘grok’ and you’ll see how in love with itself the web2.0 set is. Pathetic.

    Grok that.


  2. What’s pathetic is your lack of knowledge about the word, and your presumption that simply because the word is in vogue with authors you seem to dislike, that I am glomming on to some trendy word of the moment. Nope. I have been using it since Wired days in 1992 and before (Heinlen…), and helped write the definition for Wired Style in 1996). It’s got a glorious etymology and I will never shrink from it!

  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if it came from France, home of the Minitel. For all of our Yankee-centric ways, we and the French really have been deux pois dans une cosse when it comes to innovation around the information space. It’s my understanding that Prime Minister Jacques Chirac has been quietly looking to unseat what he perceives as American hegemony in three areas: (1) English as the lingua franca; (2) American-centric copyright laws; and (3) American search engines. To make this happen, he has been encouraging investments in certain technologies while using the French courts to establish certain precedents in the worldpolitik. Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me to find Bernard-Henri Lévy’s fingerprints in all of this somewhere.,,1761482,00.html