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5 thoughts on “Google Hits $500

  1. ash says:

    Will Google be the World’s First Trillion Dollar Company in terms of Market Cap.


    p.s. please leave the koolaid at the entrance before walking in…

  2. Dave White says:

    Well there is no doubt in my mind that Google will definitely become a Trillion dollar company in next few years to come. It is a fact that everyone related with Google are growing along with it. Amazing!

  3. “Imagine that” and “Will Google become the first Trillion dollar company?”

    Google $1 Trillion?

    Nice job at the Web 2 summit…

  4. Claudio Roma says:

    AnooX is a much better search engine than Google. So once people find out about this new search engine, I would say that Google is going to go down to $50 per share or even lower.

    Why is AnooX better?
    They do a great job describing it on their site, so I will just refer you to their pages below. I will just add that as an Advertiser we have found Advertising on Google or Yahoo to be a TOTAL waste of money, whereas on Anoox the results are better but more importantly the cost of Advertising is like 90% less than Google or Yahoo. So thanks GOD for them, and I hope they keep growing. Because nothing would be worst than being limited to search engine monopolies of Google or Yahoo.

    Oh yes, check out reasons why Anoox is a really good search engine for the people & small businesses specially, here:

    Cheers to all 🙂

  5. patel says:

    anoox is just crap. one cannot even compare serach results