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By - November 10, 2006

Hey Searchbloggers -

I’m back from a week long dive into the Web 2 conference, and will post my thoughts on that event shortly. Meanwhile, the comments here seem to be broken, and we are working on fixing it. Turns out that my human detector is having fits with Akismet, and we’re trying to track down a fix. Sorry about that…

UPDATE: TinyTuring (the human detector) and Akismet were warring, so we turned Akismet off for a bit. Seems to have cleared up the problem…for now.

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3 thoughts on “Back…

  1. SorenG says:

    I emailed Melanie, as I could not comment and heard it was not working. Will try tit now again . . .

    Also, John, any backstage gossip to share — anyone a real jerk? or totally cool? anything surprise you?

  2. rama says:

    John, will there be links to the short videos that were shown at the web2.0 conference? great selections by the way.

  3. Jeff Tadie says:

    John, you have any insight on how to progress the publishing standards for “local attributes” of merchant data? The seemingly endless compiling and re-compiling, and subsequent ubiquitous 5-6 yrs is analogous to the programming industry still using Fortran cards. Whereas my team is developing a way to address a few aspects of publishing a truly additive local data set…we’d love some other indicators we’re on the right track…is other help on the way?

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