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Whoa. 3000 Posts.

By - October 23, 2006


Milestones often pass unnoticed. I missed Searchblog’s 3000th post just yesterday. Fittingly, it was about geeking out on search. That means I’ve averaged 1000 posts a year, or nearly 3 a day for three years. Wow.

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8 thoughts on “Whoa. 3000 Posts.

  1. Kempton says:

    Hi John,

    Congrats Mr. 3000. (smile) Great job!

    3000 was a nice number to hit indeed. Of course, the quality of your postings is what keep me coming back again and again. Keep up the great work.


  2. Mariah Braxon says:

    Well John, post #3004 seems missing from that screenshot above. Which leads me to believe that the numbers in the screenshot above are post IDs, which do not take into account deleted posts and gaps in ID numbers. Therefore in all likelihood, you haven’t made 3000 posts – not yet, at least.

    With that said, good job on approaching this milestone. 🙂

  3. sufiy says:

    John, 3005th for you! Thank you.
    How much is upside left even to Google’s craziest valuation?
    When will the game “music chairs” begin? Who will be without the place? In order to Sell you need to have a buyer. If you are buying Google at 480.78, you are buying the company with following valuation from Hard Data on Google Bear Case:
    FCF 2006 est 1.712 billion
    GAAP EPS 9.44 USD
    Revenue 10.4 billion
    Market cap at 480.78 stands for 149,3 billion. After YouTube deal if stock will not move from 480.78 dilution will be +3.4 million shares wich will bring Market Cap to 151 billion.
    So at 480.78 Google is “on sale” according to majority of analysts with:
    2006 est MC/FCF=88.2, P/E=50.9, P/S=14.5 with growth in Revenue in single digits Q/Q and EPS growth +1.3% Q3/Q2 in slowing economy with online advertisement slowing growth reality.

  4. 3000 posts= How many “Search” volumes are that? Congrats.

  5. Congratulations. Takes some doing doesn’t it?

  6. Halley Suitt says:

    Very cool and you made me check on my number. I’m 4 away from 6000! Surely I could have been doing something better since 2002 with my time. Yikes!

    It’s a bit like watching your car go past 100,000 …

  7. Don Park says:

    Congratz John. I am a bit over 3000 but then this is my fifth blogging year so you are going to surpass me soon.

  8. Antony says:

    I always miss these mile stones too.

    Like when my car rolled over to 100,000 miles.