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4 thoughts on “Searchmob Roundup

  1. The internet time capsule initiative from Yahoo is really commendable. I hope there is uniform contribution to this time capsule so that the future generations get a fair idea about the world in 2006. Since there are 250M+ users alone on Yahoo, I feel Yahoo should spread the word using that platform to participate in this event.

  2. Fukuda says:

    Yahoo Internet Time Capsule looks like a great thing. But hardly any Japanese know about it. Yahoo should make unbiased efforts to convey this message all over the world.

    Fukuda, Tokyo

  3. Brian says:

    @ Fukuda

    There are 10 languages and 24 countries represented. Have fun.

  4. Shiotsu says:

    Wow ! I really liked the 3-D graphic interface of Yahoo Time Capsule. I wish I can have such interface for my website.