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8 thoughts on “Search Mashup: Young, Hot, Flirty Woman + MS Live

  1. I enjoyed this last week when someone emailed it to me. I especially enjoyed the easter eggs. Even as a female, I had to try the suggestions of the digg users ‘take off your clothes’ and ‘you’re a ho’. LOL, very funny.

  2. SorenG says:

    I saw it too the other week, grabbing, but not sure if these folks at Dove will be happy with it:
    Click “play film.”

  3. David Temple says:

    Search engines will never be the same!

  4. Roger says:

    It’s a good for a change and to get some free entertainment. I tried searching for a few words again and again and the response of Ms. Dewey was different in each case – that’s good, it won’t bore the users.

  5. Clever, cute, clunky. However I think this is a tiny glimpse into the far future of search where we’ll likely interact with a personality rather than a keyboard. But, but, Ms. Dewey will be so OLD then?

  6. Tim Converse says:

    Ms. Dewey’s first name is Eliza, I suspect. I think I have spoken with her before.

  7. It returns the slowest results in the world. I just can’t use it in a timely fashion.

  8. Silver says:

    This is pretty cool linkbait! Although using a human face on the frontend of your search is perhaps a bit passe (remember how ask dropped Jeeves, the butler, from being their mascot earlier this year?), even so, the promotional value of this linkbait is probably pretty high. What better way to lure a bunch of people over to trying out MS Live’s Search?

    They lose out a bit by not branding the search results more prominently, though. There should be MS Live links, logos, and a “bookmark MS Live” link or somesuch.

    This sort of human graphic interface is called an “avatar” in virtual reality circles, and there are some cheap ways to add similar Flash talking head interfaces to websites.