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By - October 04, 2006

Qihoo%20LogoYahoo! China (operated by filed a lawsuit against Sanjiwuxian, the owner of a Chinese search engine called Qihoo, on the grounds of unfair competition. According to the allegations, Qihoo‘s 320safe software was alerting users that Yahoo’s toolbar was malware and prompting deintallation, simultaneously taking a cut at Yahoo toolbar’s market share in China, which is considerable, and slandering the company’s brand image.

(Ironically, a search for “Qihoo” in Google produces the spelling correction “Did you mean: Yahoo?”.)

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3 thoughts on “Qihoo

  1. Joe Hunkins says:

    Qui Gon Who Obi Won?

    Yikes – we are going to need a pronunciation primer for these Chinese brands!

  2. Tangos says:

    In fact, Qihoo’s 360safe does not “take a cut from toolbar market in China from Yahoo”. It is an anti-malware software rather than a toolbar for web browser.

  3. will says:

    3721 is commonly referred to as spyware in china.