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Internal Google Docs From Philipp

By - October 26, 2006

Philipp over at Google Blogoscoped has documents which lay out key goals and objectives from Google. He is not publishing them, but has summarized some of their contents here.

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Steven Johnson Launches

By - October 24, 2006


This is a clever twist on a very important emerging market of location based content, Check it out. Steven’s announcement here.

…the site is ultimately about a new kind of experience. You sit at a computer and type in a street address, or a neighborhood name, or a zip code — perhaps for your own home area, perhaps for a place you’re visiting or interested in — and within seconds the screen gives you a glimpse of all the textured, real-world issues and conversations and news unfolding in the location you’ve entered. Not just restaurant reviews or upcoming concerts, but the

Habeas Corpus redux

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I’m not really a politcal guy. Forgive me for harping on this. But honestly, that fact (if it is indeed true) that 35,000 human beings are in American secret prisons is simply astonishing. And according to Colin Powell’s old chief of staff, only around 5% have anything to do with terrorism.

Why this is connected to the topic of this site here. In short, the data trails we all leave across the web can get us into some really serious shit, thanks to the current administration’s view of habeas corpus and national security law.

True Sharing vs Fake Sharing, A Case Study

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Book Open-1-Tm

Tim riffs on Larry Lessig’s latest post about what makes for true sharing sites (he says YouTube is not), vs. “fake” sharing sites. He brings up a great question about Google Book Search which I asked some time ago, but had forgotten:

Now that Google has gone to the expense of creating an online book repository, will they have the courage to set that content loose, either licensing it back to publishers for use in other contexts, or in the case of public domain content, releasing not just the scanned images but also the text?

New Comparison Feature in Google Finance

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Picture 4-6As anticipated, Google Finance rolled-out an update, sidling up to Yahoo’s popular standard bearer. New functionality includes the ability to chart comparisons to similar companies. Although, it still seems to still have some bugs (see pic); when I tried it out, the additional companies selected did not all display in the chart. In addition, some visual customization is now available. More at Zdnet.