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Investing in the First Google Lab

By - October 01, 2006

MenloparkGoogle Inc. invests in a company landmark, the 18-by-12 foot garage in which Sergey Brin and Larry Page first developed the Google search engine. Google won’t disclose the buying price for the house that incubated its corporation, now worth about $125 billion, but the AP reports that neighboring homes sell in the $1.1 to 1.3 million range.

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  • Kamal Jain

    Are not the home prices public data in CA? It is in WA. For my county, I can simply got to a dot gov website and enter the address and it pops the last selling price of the house.

  • Kros

    WOW that must be quite the house for 125 billion

    Almost is a scary number

  • Keith Cash

    Do you think it will become a museum for google?

  • Google Success

    Well, though it is not officially declared as a historic siet, I am sure it will turn into a tourist attraction.

  • sufiy

    Interesting TA development in google stock intraday and vs yahoo: