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Inside the GDrive Platypus –Almost

By - October 16, 2006

Picture 3-11Philipp has yet another Google GDrive teaser— this is the most revealing yet. He’s accessed “Google’s internal Gdrive client, named “Platypus”, but notes that from the look of things it’s intended to remain an internal system for Google employees to store and share files… (though, many more G products have been tested as internal projects before public exposure).

Says Philipp:

Google’s Platypus help, which I’ve mirrored here in its Windows and Linux version, says:

“We encourage you to keep all of your files with us, including your Office documents, photos, and personal notes, except for sensitive data (including electronic protected health information) and other files inconsistent with the internal user agreement.”

…As one can expect, I can’t get past the login screen after installing Gdrive on my local machine. If I’d be able to do so, I could synchronize and share files with other Googlers who also installed Gdrive, and also access files with a web browser.

He’s also uploaded the configuration files, for those who want to play around.

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2 thoughts on “Inside the GDrive Platypus –Almost

  1. Dax says:

    I noticed that Google tends to “leak” new product info on Fridays. I think this is just a managed leak to get the buzz out about the product. I’ve been waiting for this. It’d be great to have my info in the cloud (secured of course).


  2. Mario says:

    Well, we don’t necessarily have to wait for Google versions of existing services. Have any of you tried Mozy?

    It works just fine for me. Up to 2GB of disk space on the free version.

    By the way, I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever.