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I Gets On Them Internets, then I Use The Google

By - October 24, 2006

George W Bush 150E

From Krane’s blog:

Maria uncovers this gem in a recent conversation with Dubya. Seriously.

BARTIROMO: I’m curious, have you ever googled anybody? Do you use Google?

BUSH: Occasionally. One of the things I’ve used on the Google is to pull up maps. It’s very interesting to see — I’ve forgot the name of the program — but you get the satellite, and you can — like, I kinda like to look at the ranch. It remind me of where I wanna be sometimes.

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8 thoughts on “I Gets On Them Internets, then I Use The Google

  1. mike says:

    I’m sure Mr. Bush was using Google Maps to try and figure out where Libya is.

  2. Fred says:

    “The ranch” is where many of us would like him to be.

  3. W says:

    Shucks, I knows where the Libya is! Momma gits me plenty o’ books from thar. Naw, I needed that them thar Google for maps thingy so’s I could see whar to drop them bomb thingies. My daddy tolds me I keep gittin’ ma Qs ‘n’ Ns mixed up. What’s he talkin’ ’bout?

  4. AaronS says:

    LOL…Love your blog, read it daily, but be honest…you guys take yourselves WAY too seriously.

  5. john says:

    GOOG is down 7 bucks so far today. Looks like everything Dubya touches turns to gold.

  6. mike m says:

    Your old media style coming through here John. You old media guys love gigging your enemies whenever possible including most of all taking comments out of context from the original interview. Give the guy a break.

  7. jun says:

    Bush is an idiot! Man, I I the only person who gets it?

    Don’t let that guy near the internet- he’s liable to invade and cause a civil war on Myspace or something.

    I can’t beleive we elected a retard.

  8. JB says:

    This is considered news? Give me a break. The guy is obviously not a techie and never pretended to be.

    GWB probably knows as much about the internet as my dad does. My dad is a bright guy (MBA, very successful businessman), he just doesn’t embrace technology like others do. My dad still asks me to help him check his email and help him find sports scores online.

    Get out of the echo chamber, not everyone lives and dies by the internet.
    “OMG, Bush called Google ‘the google’ what a n00b! He’s so dumb, he probably can’t even set up port forwarding on his router, what a loser, why is he president”.