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Hyping The Hype Machine (And No, It's Not YouTube)

By - October 10, 2006

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My pal John Heilemann has penned a B2 piece this week on the Hype Machine, which I have to admit I had heard of but not checked out. It’s a very cool music site, a sort of structured search hack which takes as its inputs discussions and songs on popular music blogs, and gives as its outputs songs that are buzzworthy. There’s a there there, and I’ll give ten to one the fellow behind it (Anthony Volodkin, at left) is fielding job offers a la delicious right about now….

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3 thoughts on “Hyping The Hype Machine (And No, It's Not YouTube)

  1. Alberto says:

    Very cool. Also checkout: Qloud, a music search engine + social network + tagging plug-in for itunes, which launched today..

  2. RC Car Fan says:

    Ive been using Hype for some time now, congrats to these guys on a great idea that is finally getting its due.

  3. J G says:

    Others have done work in this sphere years ago. E.g. here and here.

    The cool thing about these other approaches is that they do not limited themselves to strictly textual/blog features. They integrate what they crawl from textual descriptions with the actual DSP (digital signal processing), raw audio, music features of the songs themselves. That combination is richer than text features alone.

    If you are really interested in music search, then check out the ISMIR conference. There is lots of cool stuff on at that conference, so much that is under the Web 2.0 radar, under even the O’Reilly radar. The 7th ISMIR conference just started yesterday, in fact.

    Another good resource for music search is Paul Lamere‘s blog. He’s written about dozens of different companies and retrieval systems over the past year. Again, lots of interesting things are happening in this space.